Mail us for any questions

Mail us for any questions

Solution for Oil & Gas Industries

Providing stable Connectivity to distant locations that are hard to reach like sea shore and desert. Optimum performance to withhold strong winds, extreme heat and high humidity sites.

Offering better results to save time, money and reduce projects costs. We assist and work with :

  • - Case Study and Requirement
  • - Installation and Troubleshoot
  • - Hyperscale Network Security
  • - Unified Security Management
  • - Cyber Security for IoT

Automation and Industrial

Carrier grade devices to meet the needs of industrial applications like mining, energy, shipping, and construction.

Rugged designed to meet the Extreme climate conditions and to ensure to standards of reliability for critical industrial applications. . We offer services :

  • - Understand the requirment for Your Infrastructure
  • - Build a Scalable, Secure network.
  • - Up and Running your Netowrk
  • - Validate the performance

Security and Surveillance

Solutions for Security and Surveillance to keep an eye on things to ensure to top-level safety and offer total peace of mind.

Our Solutions are well equipped to cater to the needs of residential, SOHO, SME, Banking, Hospitality or any other commercial establishment.
Benefits :

  • - Best Performance
  • - World-Class Service and Support
  • - Security Improvement
  • - Securely and remotely monitoring

WISP and Enterprise

Long distance and high throughput with real time voice, video and data. Ensuring High Bandwidth, Higher packet per second rate, low and stable latency.

5GHz solutions equipped to maximise performance in high interference area and offer reliable links in unlicensed bands.

Offering variety of different brand and products that operate in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint scenarios for various distances, with differing capacities and at price levels that allow appropriate investment. It provide users with utmost flexibility choosing different devices for their applications.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi solution to guarantee that User & guests stay connected while commuting, working, communicating.

Cost-effective Wi-Fi Mesh, Zero-Touch, Plug & Play solutions. Wi-Fi products and solutions are as reliable and powerful as a wired network.

Ensuring extra security measures that your hotel stays safe and secure.
We work and assit with :

  • - Complete Network Infrastructure
  • - Installation/Implementation of Hardware
  • - Troubleshooting Existing Setup/Infrastructure
  • - Need based Support and Solutions

Cloud Wi-Fi AAA, Natlog, Content filtering Solutions

A quick and reliable Wi-Fi network throughtout the hotel nowadays is one of the most significant amenities when choosing the most suitable hotel. Excellent WiFi contributes to greater guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Our system provides you with both advanced Wi-Fi network control and a reliable connection with all the guests. It enables you to deliver video commercials and automatically sends special offers at defined time intervals, which leads to an increase in revenues from restaurants, spa centers and other services.

The system collects data and serveys, which provide objective feedback on guest satisfaction. Thus you can boost your rating on sites such as TripAdvisor and


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